About Hybrid

HYBRID is the FIRST Caribbean Fitness and Wellness magazine that aims to cover the entire region

The HYBRID team is comprised of three main people:

Franz Gillezeau, Editor-in-Chief – an ISSA Certified Fitness trainer and Specialist in Strength & Conditioning with 6 years’ experience as a personal trainer. Franz has been lifting weights for 18 years. He also plays tennis when he can, runs, and practices Taekwon-Do.

Anderson Mitchell, Creative Director – a Graphic Designer with 12 years’ experience, as well as 10 years in marketing, Anderson is also a runner and Capoerista.

This core is supplemented by the sales team of Robert de Gannes and Mika Ella-Tang, both of whom are also deeply entrenched in the Fitness Lifestyle. Both are runners; Mika plays hockey, and Robert, a former Judoka, now trains at Dwayne Hinds’ Rough House.

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