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Editor in Chief & ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer. I love working out and helping others keep/get fit, so getting paid to do something I love is great.

Creative Director of Hybrid Caribbean

Associate Editor of Hybrid Caribbean

Troy has been trying to live yoga long before he was ever introduced to the asana practice. Since yoga and asana practice came into his life, he has been bringing his dedication and focus onto his mat and into his teaching.

Keon Dwayne Birch is the Managing Director and Head Concierge Personal Trainer at Concierge Fitness Trinidad. He has an international reputation for changing lives, having trained clients in the UK, France and the US. He’s a member of the EPIC Fitness Summit in Birmingham UK , a certified Sports Administrator with The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee and the Chairman of The Rapid Thigh Movement Foundation. Keon is also the fitness and nutrition writer for Paradise Pulse Magazine and an avid contributing writer for Hybrid Magazine. Keon climbs mountains globally in his free time.

Multimedia Sport Journalist 1991 - 2013

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Consultant living on the beautiful tropical island of Dominica. I am the founder and owner of Beyond Vitality: Holistic Health, Nutrition and Fitness and the Beyond Vitality Heath and Nature Retreat.

Internationally recognized coach, author and speaker. Fitness Philosopher and Founder of the Training for Warriors system.

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