Hybrid Body

Tianna Guy

T (Tianna Guy)
Age: 24
Occupation: Boxer
Notable Quote: “This is who I am!”
Favourite Junk Food: Roti
Celebrity Crush: Jason Momoa

Whether dreaming of vacationing in the Maldives or in the gym rocking out to some K-Lion; Monsterz Out, T is always focused on her goals. An elite, international boxer for Trinidad & Tobago, she believes that consistency is the key to her own success. Boxing was initially just a means of weight loss for her but, lo and behold, she fell in love with the sport and hasn’t looked back since.

Before she started, her body garnered negative comments for the size of her boobs. Once she started training and she started developing visible muscles, people now decided to say that she has too much muscle. Having faced body shaming on both sides of the coin, forced her to take a look at herself and declared to herself that this is who she is — a boxer. From there, she was able to embrace all aspects of being a boxer, including the physique. Recognising that many women are afraid to get into training because they anticipate the negative comments that come with a strong, female physique, T decided to join the Hybrid Body Issue to help alleviate some of those negative stigmata.

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