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Maria Shakira Gooding

Maria Shakira Gooding
Triathlon/MTB Coach
and Business Owner
Age: 25
Kids: 1 daughter – 14 months

Maria exercises 5-6 days a week between 30 mins to 3.5 hours doing running, mountain biking, swimming or a gym workout, depending on what she is training for at the given time – right now its Fusion. She eats anything and everything and notes that this may be the downfall in acquiring the body she desires so she compensates with training hard. She sometimes starts her day with just coffee, skipping breakfast but on days with a hard morning workout she has eggs and toast. She is motivated by her brother to keep training and by her mother to be compassionate and kind. Her dad encourages her to be a supportive parent and Justin keeps her fed. She wants to attend the Olympics and be able to fly our flag high and is constantly challenging her physical ability. Her advice to others who want to improve their fitness is to love yourself, get your family to help with the kids take the time for yourself “30 minutes a day keeps the doctor away”. Her guilty pleasures are sushi, Netflix and latin dancing. She describes herself as spontaneous, versatile, friendly, resourceful and childlike. Her fitness hero is the Rock. Her recipe for happiness is to enjoy life doing what you love.

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