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Ninja Warrior or Ninja Worrier?

The Ultimate Ninja Warrior has come to Trinidad for the first time ever. It was a very interesting spectacle for all. People came from every corner of the country to compete and spectate. Here are some of the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Course


Panoramic shot of the Ninja Warrior qualifier course

I loved this course. In true Ultimate Ninja Warrior style, every obstacle on the course focused on specific components of fitness and on the 5 obstacles, all 10 components were covered. For those of you who don’t know what they are: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Accuracy and Balance. Only the most well rounded athletes were able to complete the course. Needless to say, many “Johnny Bravos” tried their best and failed miserably when they encountered fitness components that they clearly didn’t train for. Here is a full assessment of the course from competitor, Shane Trestrail

The AtmosphereNinjaWarrior-74

The crowd was awesome. They braved the rain and the mud to support their favorite athletes. The event started late because the weather simply wouldn’t allow. It also interrupted the competition severel times. The Trinidad Ninja Warrior Team was ready and very efficient at making sure that all the apparatuses were properly wiped down and safe as soon as the rains stopped.

The Venue

In my opinion, this needed to be an indoor event. I would have used one of Trinidad’s many warehouse facilities to host something like this. The main reason would have been the rain. I think Nelson Mandella Park (Formally King George V Park) is a great venue for most sports, but the audience felt the discomfort when the rains came down. Some even leaving the event early.

NinjaWarrior-26The Competitors

The competitors had great spirit and enthusiasm for the contest. Some wanted to win, some just wanted to finish and some just wanted to have fun. There were a few celebrity entries, well respected members of the fitness community, like MikFit and Dwayne Hinds and also comedians such as “CrazyLegs” in his Raptor/T-Rex costume. These all helped to make the event more amazing.


ON Saturday, I went from being a Ninja Warrior to being a Ninja Worrier. The course looked dangerous, but as I saw the athletes mount each apparatus it seemed as though everything was very stable and safe. The Fire-services came on Sunday and reinforced this.

The RulesNinjaWarrior-24

On Sunday they introduced some rules that were very silly to me. On the barrel roll, apparently the athletes were not allowed to jump off the barrel. On obstacle 2 (Inverted stairs), the athletes were made to grab every step. Really? This is supposed to make it more challenging and more entertaining for the audience? I find that if a brethren wanna risk it, and play Leonidas from 300, and skip a few stairs in his climb, then let him. You have to be king of the spartans to do things like this.

The Winners

Hybrid would like to congratulate Trinidad’s 1st Ultimate Ninja Warrior winner Jeremy John! Well done sir, Jeremy breezed through the course at a blistering 1min 41 sec. There are some honourable mentions though:

  • Stacy-Ann Julien – The ONLY female to make the finals
  • John Friedli – 56 years from Texas, representing the FIT KIDS camp. He was one of the 10 finalists who finished the course
  • Justin Wortman – The youngest finalist at 16 years
  • Mikhail Ragoonanan, AKA MikFit – He was the top qualifier in the heats.
  • Here is the Leaderboard for all the winners14502685_188479084910704_7242344426720388147_n


There were many things left to be desired, but I would have to say for a 1st time event, the organisers did OK. No one was hurt, people were entertained and the rain was probably the biggest obstacle. My recommendations for next year:

  • More novelty entries to entertain the crowd
  • Change of venue. Preferably indoor
  • Allow coolers at the event
  • Better marketing and promotion
  • More prizes. e.g. Best Female, Youngest Athlete, etc
  • Better branding on the event

I had a great time and I can’t wait till the next event. Check out our Facebook album with highlights of the event

Ninja Warrior or Ninja Worrier?
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