Stretch for Stress

Name: Stretch4Stress
Established: 2019
Type: Outdoor Flexibility class
Location: Jackson Square, Saint Ann’s
Contact: +1 (868) 774-0039
Age Requirement: None
Gear: Yoga Mat and Towel
Schedule: Tuesday and Friday 5-6pm and Saturday 9-10pm

More like sweat for stress — don’t think that this is an easy class to breeze through! Stretch for Stress by Thema Williams focuses on those fitness elements that many people love to ignore; flexibility and balance. Let’s face it… many of us don’t stretch enough and that includes me. We all know the benefits of proper stretching in our daily lives. If you are not stretching after a workout you are missing a key benefit of your workout.

Thema Williams has over 14 years worth of Gymnastics Training in Trinidad and Tobago and is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to have you touching your toes in no time. This class will drastically help you increase your range of motion, reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic performance.

Thema believes that along with all the great physical benefits of stretching, she can also help her clients DESTRESS — hence the name (duh). She has put together a combination of Static and Dynamic stretches that work together to do exactly that.

group stretch

Bliss, Pain and more Stretching

The experience is a combination of peaceful bliss, subtle intensity and beautiful pain. Yeah, total oxymoron! As I said in the 1st line of this review, this could get intense and you WILL sweat. It may not seem like you are doing a lot but after that 1st drop of sweat hits your yoga mat, it’s a monsoon from there.

Now, pain is normally associated with stretching. Conditioning your mind to not resist and allow your range of motion to increase with the weight of your body is not as easy as it seems. This adds a holistic element to the experience and, along with training your body, you train your mind to endure more pain as you get more and more flexible.

Overall the experience has been awesome for me! I was able to touch my toes in just over a month, and now I’m working on my splits and I see improvement every week. After the class I leave feeling energized and like I can do so much more. It clears your mind and allows you to relax at the end of the day or helps you to focus clearly on the next task at hand. I’ve been experiencing less joint pain and improved performance in my old age. I’d advise anyone to take Thema’s class and destress! 😀

Stretch for Stress
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