Ten OF THE Sexiest & Fittest Men in Trinidad & Tobago

10 OF THE Sexiest & Fittest Men in Trinidad & Tobago

[Editor’s Note: Here at Hybrid we are more used to setting trends than following them, but we are not above riding a wave or two. So after the online uproar caused by a Top 10 list this week, here is a list compiled by TTBBF Bikini Fitness Athlete and Hybrid contributor, Kalifa Phillip.
Addendum: I did not include myself on this list, but who am I to question a writer’s tastes? – FG]


First of all, this is not a top ten. This type of article is not usually Hybrid’s style, but it was written in response to the recent Keira Camacho Buzzfeed post which has gone viral and has the majority of Trinidad and Tobago unimpressed. We are a very diverse nation and our sexy people come in a variety of colours, races, and locations across the country. So take a look at my list of a few of the hottest, sexiest, but awesomely FIT personalities we adore.

Kenny Lindsay

Kenny makes the National Coast Guard uniforms look so sexy. In addition to being a serviceman he is an ISCA certified personal trainer, National Men’s Physique two time Overall Champion, Kick Boxing instructor and a Winklaar’s Army Ambassador.


Dwayne Hinds

You can’t mention sexy without talking about Dwayne Hinds. Also known as the “MMA guy”, Dwayne is a prolific athlete and has represented the Caribbean in Martial Arts on many occasions. Dwayne now runs his own gym called “Boom Bang” and is dedicated to cultivating the next greatest thing in mixed martial arts.

All gold everything!!

A photo posted by Dwayne Hinds (@dwayne22309) on

Brett Bengochea

Martial Artist, Actor, Body Builder, Father, and Winklaar’s Army Ambassador. If there is anything Brett doesn’t do, it’s look un-sexy.

#swolestyle Suns out guns out #bodybuilding #classicphysique #mensphysique #gym #fitness #tags #instagram #boutthatlife

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Jeremy Tai Chew

Speaking of diversity, Hacwhy Tai Chew is a force to be reckoned with. As a martial artist dedicated to many disciplines of the art and personal trainer, Hacwhy is also one of the most entertaining fitness personalities on social media.


The Iron Lion

Bruce Lutchmedial

Bruce is CUFF’s current Bantamweight champion standing on the Sherdog website with 5 wins and 2 losses. He is as solid as a rock and fit AF. Don’t mess with this guy.



Kwadwo Odinga

Kwando is a ISCA Personal Trainer, Martial Artist and a muscular mound of man meat.



Mikhail Ragoonanan

Mik is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Crossfit Gym Owner, Model, 2014 National Bronze Medalist Boxer and a CrossFit Athlete. Mikhail is also very active on social media, and was one of the forerunners in the Trinidad Ultimate Ninja Warrior competition.

Shot by @evansalina #mikfit #crossfit #roguefitness #strength #trinidadfitness

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Kiwan Landreth-Smith

Kiwan is a very talented musician, a former Gymnast, and an excellent surfer. Kiwan has played with: Kin Sound System, 3Canal, Tanya Stephens, Orange Sky, Lanyap, and Fever dog, just to name a few.

Kiwan and lots of hair flipping #portrait #photography #trinidad #tobago #caribbean #studio #lauraferreira #musician #guitar

A photo posted by Laura Ferreira (@lauraferreirastudios) on


El Papi

Adrian Daniel

One of the pioneers of dance and hiphop in the caribbean. Adrian is a Choreographer/Instructor at ElleNYTT and is very popular in the dance circles as a member of one of our country’s premier Hip Hop groups, Eclectik. The group received five medals from the World Hip Hop Championships in Los Angeles including the gold medal in 2007.

Elle Shots-44

Rocky Scientist

Rocky Kewley

Rocky is an ISSA certified trainer, National Men’s Physique Athlete, an Actor, and Dancer. Very popular on the physique athlete scene in Trinidad, Rocky has also been featured on the cover of Hybrid Magazine. He is the founder of the Rock Bodies Elite Training System and has his own line of gym wear called Rock Bodies Official.


You’re welcome, ladies.

Honourable Mentions

Go google them yourself, we’ve helped you out enough 😛

Jeff Ng Chow – Owner of Best Body Suppliments and Dragon Boat Master.
Kriyaan Singh – Veterinarian and Adventure Racer.
Vimalesh Subeeksingh – Personal trainer, Event manager and model
Alan Ferreira – Martial Artist and actor
Shelford Bleasdell
Stevenson Dillon
Jeremy John – Trinidad’s 1st Ultimate Ninja Warrior
Franz Gillezeau 😛 – Editor in Chief of Hybrid Magazine and Fit AF

So… these are our picks. If you don’t agree, thats cool, but we wanna also know what you think. Who do YOU think are the Fittest Sexiest Men in Trinidad and Tobago?

Ten OF THE Sexiest & Fittest Men in Trinidad & Tobago
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