The Best Leggings on the Planet: A Review of AllStarrAparrel

Honestly I love leggings. As a self professed gym rat and someone who spends the majority of their time in them, I consider myself a connoisseur. 

best leggings
Fit Diva Fi showing off her fit gear by AllStarrApparel

Over the years I have been disappointed by brands that have made promises but fail to deliver. Trust me when I tell you that there’s nothing more heart-breaking than excitedly donning a new pair of leggings only to find my bum exposed either by squatting or direct sunlight.

Then there’s the price! Unfortunately, quality usually mean “quality price”. For someone on a tight budget, this usually means having to sacrifice in the name of leggings (a worthy sacrifice).

Then one day like a light piercing the abyss of poor quality and high prices, I found AllStarrApparel. Now these are designed for women who love leggings! 

Now talk about budget friendly! This is quality couture at bargain prices! You can buy two (possibly three when there’s a sale) for the price of one from a similar brand. Plus boy oh boy do  they last! I’ve had some of these leggings for over three years and the color is still vibrant as ever.

Leggings That Fit!

squat leggings
Completely Squattable
style side view
Stylish from Any Angle

Next up: fit. No shearing or baring here. You can walk, run, bend and squat with confidence. Actually you can probably walk on the sun (though I wouldn’t recommend it) and not expose a thing. High waist, high compression and practically sweat proof; these leggings are a gym bunny’s dream come true. 

Last, but by no means least, let’s talk style. Do you just love mesh or netting? (I know right?) How about bright bold print or perhaps you prefer a more understated look? Not to mention the pockets. Now, I don’t mean the awful, bulging, “look at me” pockets. I’m talking sleek, low key pockets (you know we love pockets ladies).

Now I can go on about AllStarrApparel leggings, but I won’t, give them a try and you’ll see for yourself. Tell them Fiona sent you.

The Best Leggings on the Planet: A Review of AllStarrAparrel
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